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Most of my city and province is currently under water, horrific floods have raged through the province including Calgary (my city) High River, Canmore, Okotokes, Bragg Creek, Turner Valley and so many more places in southern Alberta and we haven’t seen the end yet. The floods have destroyed parts of the transcanada highway, the beloved town of Canmore, the beautiful and unfortunately to much like its name High River, my amazing city Calgary. Around 30 communities throughout Calgary have been evacuated along with Canmore high rive and Okotokes. The grounds of Calgary’s famous stampede are completely submerged in water; the stampede opening day is in two weeks, the saddledome (where our NHL team the Calgary flames play and where all major concerts are held is filled half way with water, many concerts are scheduled to take place at the dome during stampede, still no word on cancelations. The zoo (the last picture) is disappearing, though all animals are safe. People are losing their minds, flocking to grocery stores trying to stock up on water when there is no need to; our water supply is perfectly fine.

It is insane to see my city and province like this, the community I went to high school in is partially submerged and people are left without homes, houses have been seen floating down the streets in Bragg Creek and the force of the flowing water so strong it has uprooted trees taking them down. This is the worst flooding we have seen in decades (apparently since 1932) and will probably be the worst we will see in a long time. People have died, people are missing, and yet people still insist on going close to the dangerous raging river that was once busy streets to get pictures. police have advised people to stay at home but no one is listening, we are in awe, no one expected this, no one expects anything to happen in our city but now that it has we are in a frenzy, unsure of what to do.

I have never been more thankful to live on a ridge in my whole life, it would take way more than possible to get the river to me, but others are not so lucky. Homes that hold memories destroyed. downtown is completely closed now. Deaths and missing people.

it is devastating, if you would like to help my amazing city you can text REDCROSS to 30333 to donate $5.


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    I just want this nightmare to be over……
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    City rivalries be damned! When things like this happen, we’re all Albertans, and we’ll all work together to fix the...
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    I too live on a ridge and was one of the lucky ones. Much of my life and friends played out in the river valley below,...
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    My city is still beautiful. I’ve lived here for 18 years. I will doing anything to help rebuild. It’s heart breaking to...
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